A generation of larva harms Ningxia Huinong Districtnorthern Xinjiang
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According to the prediction of National Climate Centre, in June the temperature was higher than ordinary years in Northwest China, North China, Northeast China and other main infectious regions of meadow moth, and it rained more than ordinary years in most places of Jilin and Liaoning, the central by east area and southwestern area of Inner Mongolia, middle of Shaanxi, Ningxia, the eastern area of Gansu, which is favorable for the eclosion, oviposition and reproduction of larva of the adult of meadow moth.

Although our country had a few insect resources last year and there are limited insect resources in North China and Northwest China recently, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and other early-happening areas of overwintering generation of adult should strengthen investigation of insect number in field, carefully dissect the development level of female moth’s ovarian to predict its larva flourishing period and work hard to control its harms in young larval phase, because meadow moths have the hazard characteristics of long distance migration and outbreak reproduction; most places of North China and Northeast China Region should insist on system monitoring under light, pay close attention to the occurrence date of adult and parasitic trend of adult in the local area or the surrounding area and release short and medium term forecasts in time to guide farmers to conduct scientific prevention and control to guarantee safety production of crops.

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