Trend forecastthe third-generation armyworm
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This year the second-generation armyworm happens in a wide area and the numbers of high density fields and residual insects are large in many places; recently moth peak appears in Northeast China, North China and parts of huang-huai valleys; it rained much in the east of Northeast China, North China, huang-huai valleys and the west of Southwest China in August, which is very favorable for the immigration and happening of the armyworm. It is predicted that third-generation of armyworm happens in an area of about 30 million mu, and it affects Northeast China, North China and most parts of huang-huai valleys medially, and affects Northwest China and Southwest China slightly, among which parts of the south central of Heilongjiang, northwest of Liaoning, the southeast of Inner Mongolia, the northeast of Beijing, the north of Tianjin, the central part of Hebei, the central part and southwest of Shandong, where appear a large number of moth peak, rains much and crops grow vigorously, will appear phenomena that high-density larvas harm crops. In most places the acme that larva happens and harms crops is in the first 20 days of August.


In view that armyworm has characteristics of long distance migration flight, centralized outbreak and concealed harm, each district should pay close attention to armyworm trend and weather conditions in surrounding areas, and conscientiously carry out the local adult induced measurement, female moth ovarian development progress and the quantity survey of insect eggs, release short-term forecast in time, guiding farmers to effectively control, and striving to control its harm to maximum limit.

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